Culture of Bangladesh

  • Orientation Bangladesh have long history of culture.The culture is the out look of peoples out look of mind.
  • Culture Name Bangladeshi
  • Alternative name Bengali
  • Religion Muslim
  • population 129,194,224 in July 2000
  • Food Rice,Fish
  • National Animal Royal Bengal Tiger
  • National Game Kabadi
  • National flower Lily
  • National TV BTV(Bangladesh television)
  • Economic system Agriculture Based
  • Politics Government
  • Traditional occasion 12 month 13 celebrate
  • National crops Jute
  • National fish Hilsha


The Diverse culture of Bangladesh 

Bangladesh has a diverse culture.The culture involve with architecture,dance,literature,music,painting and clothing.Bangladesh have three primary religion,Islam,Buddhism and Hinduism.Now i am going to describe about some traditional festival held in Bangladesh.


                                                       Phahela Baishak:
The first day of bangla new year is called pahala baishakh.Bengali celebrate this day to mark the beginning of the 1st day of Bengal new year.This day is celebrated with traditional festivities across the country.The rural people arrange Baishakhi Mela on this day.Shopkeepers open halkhata and offer sweets to their customers and clients.The day has a special attraction for the town people.They rise early in the morning.They put their best dress that is pyjama and Punjabi.Thy take panta rice with dried pepper.Thy pass the Hool day in great joy and forget  the suffering of life for the time being.In town different organizations  arrange various kind of  cultural function.Phala Baishakh has a great  significance.It reflects our age old tradition and culture.It bears the testimony to the fact that we have a culture of our own.It us the manifestation of our cultural hertiage.

Village fair
On the occasion of the Nabanna Festival a fir was held under the age old banyan tree situated in Bangladesh village area.There were shops of different types.There were wooden toys,clay dolls,balloons and food items etc.In the shops.There were also seesaw,merry-go-round,rope dancing there.

Traditional music 
 The music of Bangladesh divided into three categories.Classical,folk and modern.Now a days modern music are become more popular.Vocal and instrumental music are also popular.Flute is a popular and traditional instrument.Here the three hero's of banglasong. 
classical music:Robindro nath tagore          Kazi nazrul islam:Nazrul geeti                     Hason raja:Folk music

The EID Festivals and the CHRISTMAS day:The Muslim have to EID festivals.Likewise the Christians have Christmas festival,Yester,Sunday etc.On the occasion of EID-ul-Fitr the Muslim by new dress.The Christan's buy new dress on the occasion of Christmas day.On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr the Muslims present gift to the dear and nears ones.In the same manner the Christians also exchange gift among their  kith and kin.On the day of EID-ul-fitr the Muslims Put on new dress ,go to the Eidgah,say their prayers,exchange greetings and embrace each other .They visit there house of relative.The Muslim women clean the house,decorate the house and prepare various items of sweets.They also prepare delicious dishes.The Christan women also do same things.The Muslim also invite there relative on their house.The Muslim women's are also waring (mahendi) in there hand to make red design.The Muslim family get together to mark the Eid-day .Actually there are many other similarity.

Bangladeshi cultural Food:
Traditionality is popular term in Bangladesh.Traditionality is also flow in food culture.Korma,Rezala,Bhoona and Masala Gosht,Chicken,Mutton,Beef,Fish and prawns.chicken Afghani,Chicken Bangladeshi,Chicken Kasmini,chicken tikka,Boti kabab,Shutli kabab and variety of fish curries are the traditional cultural food.

All popular drinks are soft drinks in Bangladeshi culture.Many of them are made by sweet and milk.Sweet is also very popular food in Bangladesh.

  Is a very popular drinks in Bangladesh.Its made by mixed with milk.sugger,ice.
Green coconut water is also very popular,International soft drinks like Pepsi,Cocola is popular

:Mango,coconut,Jack fruts,Lichees,Bnanas,papayas,watermillon,pineapples are very popular fruits in Bangladesh.

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