Friday, April 15, 2011

Recent cultural program

PAHELA BAISHAKH 1418. Well come to the Bengali new year 1418.Every Bangladeshi celebrate phahela baishak with a great JOY.Phahela Baishakh was the time to welcome  and celebrate  Bangle new year.That was the time to new beginning,that was the time to say good by  to the miseries,sorrows and bad time of the by gone days for every Bengali's.The day was become a major attraction for open Bengali's mind colour.That does not matter for any Bengali that what religion they follow,what faith thy believe in ,when Baishak come they all sing one song (asho ha baishak asho asho re..........),they dance to the same tune, and eat same food (panta + Helsa+capsicum).That was the day to unite and start a new journey on a new course, toward a common goals.

Main celebrate was hold on Dhaka Ramna Batamul(shahabag)

In fornt of dhaka university
14/04/2011 was the first day of Bangla new year.Every people  of Bangladesh celebrate this day  with a great joy.The largest and main celebratey was held on Dhaka Ramna Botomul.From begining of  the day many pepole are starting to come in Ramna Botomul(at shahbag) some of them are going infornt TSC (teachers traning center ,Dhaka university)All of people war colourful and traditional dress which was the out look of there mind colour.

Dhaka city people was start  there day with a traditional brackfast which was panta bhat (soaked rice ),green chilies,onion and fried Hilsha fish at Ramna park,Shuhrauady udyan,Dhaka university campus,Rabindra sarobor at Dhanmondi and other amusement places.

B=Breaking news

Hilsha  fried(with panta bhat) is the most traditional food for all Bangali.In this chance the hilsha fish rise top of the market.For the pahela baishakh program a frash and big size hilsha sold at taka 2500, which original market price was 500 to 900 in one weak ago.

Pahela Baishak Picture

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Short overview of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty.Nothing is artificial.God painted us with a charmingful colour.We are feel proud about our country.There is a hard bit history of freedom,which is really exceptional from another nation.Here is the map of bangladesh.Bangledesh situtaed in the southern Asia.Bangladesh is cercled by india,in the west,east and north side are indi and the southeast Barma also known as myanmar.Bangladesh country area is144000 square kilomiter(55,598 squar miles).Bangladesh divided into 6 administrative division.Thy are Dhaka,Chitagong,Khulna,Barishal,Rajshahi and sylhet.Dhaka is the capital of bangladesh.In july 2000 bangladesh estimated people was 129,194,224.The population growth rate is 1.59 percent.Bangladesh is a muslim country.Bangladesh is also a agriculture based country.

Them song

National song is a them of a nation.Our national song is writen by our world poet Robindronath thaquer.Our national song hardly touch our mind.National song is sung every national ocation,begaining school time and every time in every people mind.Here is our national songs english meaning.
                                                           My Bengal of Gold,                                                          

The sign of a nation

Flag is a sign of a nation.Our flag is coloured with green into a red cercle.Green is our country colour and the red cercle is the blod of our freedom fighter.Country colour means the natural environment colour.If you see our country with a helecafter you can see only green and green.Green is also a soft and helpful colour for our eye.Our national flag is officially adopt on 17 january 1972.All bangladeshi are respect our flag.

Freedom fight is only for fredom

Fredom history is a genaral history for a nation.But our ferdom history is not a story its a hard broken event.Every people of our country respect our fredom history.Our lebaration is occeur for our maother language,which is rar for any nation.We are feel very prioud about it.Our fight was aginest pakisthan which was occur in 1970.We are got fredom in 16 decembor 1971 after 9 month liberation ware. Bongobondhu Shek Mojibor Rahman was our liberartion messanger.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bangladesh Liberation war

Liberation war 1971:Bangladesh liberation war was occer for bangla language(mother language).The war was againest west pakisthan.The war resulted in the secesion of East pakisthan,whivh become the indipendent nation Bangladesh.Todays indipendence is out come of an arduous struggle of the people under the ledership of Bangabandhu Sheikh mujibur Rahman.